Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Empowerment Exhibition, Swindon

Tenacity, Oil on Board

We never know how high we are
till we are called to rise,
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies

Emily Dickinson

I don't think of myself as someone who paints to given themes but I just can't resist the invitation, or the challenge, even if it feels like a departure from my 'real' work at the time. However, I have come to value such diversions for breathing new life into my work - and I notice that the differences become less marked over time. This, I am sure, is linked to my ability to better trust in the painting process as a means of revealing and accepting my emotional landscape as it comes.


  1. Wonderful colors and organic natural forms. Reminds me of a painting like Rainy landscape, by Russian painter
    , that I saw at, from where one can order a canvas print of it.
    Really good place to browse the painter’s work and other work similar to your style of painting.

  2. Thank you Scott. It's always fascinating to receive feedback about my work. I never would have made the link, although, we are both emotional painters for sure! I shall take a look at the link. x